Bin Collection

Ensure an efficient service

  • Place bins out the night before or by 6am on collection day.
  • Place bins with wheels facing away from the road.
  • Place bins with half a meter space between each bin and one meter clear of obstacles.
  • Bins should be removed from the Kerbside within 24 hours after collection to avoid the bin being stolen or damaged.
  • Not have bags of garbage piled around them.
  • Do not place too close to trees (including overhanging branches) or light poles.
  • Do not place behind parked cars.
  • Do not remove any bins from your premises when you change residence.
  • Ensure bins are cleaned regularly.

Christmas Day Collection

Please note that there is no bin collection on Christmas Day.  If your collection day falls on Friday 25th December please be advised that your bin will be collected on Monday 28th December.  Please ensure that your bin is placed out the night before collection.

Residents please be aware that some areas may be collected later than usual on Monday 28th December due to the double collection.

Report a missed collection, damaged or stolen bin

Contact our Customer Service Office on 03 5672 1933

Bin Repair/Delivery Days

Each week on Thursday

Bins need to left in an accessible place at front of the property.

New services cannot be delivered to a new property until they have a Certificate of Occupancy